Thursday, August 09, 2007

Roof called on account of...

Omigod! Squee! The roofers actually came over for a preview today (unannounced and I was on the toilet, but still).

We'd hoped to start the roof on Monday, when we get back from Cinci and Alexis won't be working nights. But this guy stood in our driveway and let us know that he won't be able to start next week,

"I'm going on a Bear Hunt."

I swear my eye brows hovered about an inch above my scalp, and I leaned forward to ask incredulously: "Bear hunt? Really?"

That's Michigan for you.

Really, though, who do you want doing your roof? I think a bear hunter might just be perfect. Furthermore, he didn't skip a beat when I mentioned that Alexis's car would need to be pushed (not driven) to make way for the dumpster.

I think I'll ask him to push it into the front yard.