Sunday, September 16, 2007

We ride the Big Mac!

BEFORE: It was freezing, and I was freaked!

DURING: Somewhere along the Lake Michigan coast. It was a lovely day, the course was relatively flat but surprisingly windy...making even downhills a bit of a push. I was not the only fat-ass biker, it was delightful!

AFTER: 25 miles and time for hot dogs. When Alexis was a youth, she biked ten miles and ate twelve hot dogs. I was expecting at least fifteen this time. Alas, we could only really handle one each...smaller capacity is a sad, sad sign of age and decrepitude.

We took the ferry to Mackinaw island and toured the fort - we heard cannons and rifles and listened to the staff musician go on at length about bugle calls. It rocked.

At six in the morning, we lined up with 398 other bikers and caught the dawn at the peak of the Mighty Mac bridge (50 years old this year). Again, freezing. After our ride, we lined up and waited to ride the slowboat back to the mainland.

400 bikes + 400 riders