Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Pink: The color you yell at.

My recent acquisition of several pink dresses has led me to experience a whole new aspect of being a girl: getting yelled at regularly on the street. I've been yelled at before, but not all the freaking time.

This sort of thing does not happen in Ann Arbor.

Who's yelling? Of course those spending their time hanging out on sidewalks -

Man in Georgetown: "Baby, you need someone to *take care* of you!"
Me: "Yeah, you too. Do you have access to social services?"

Man near my office: "Honey, you look so beautiful. Don't get too hot today, you should stay in the shade (eyebrow wiggle)."

Then, of course, there're the guys who yell in Spanish and make noises that are exquisitely embarrassing for all involved (or should be).

Dang, these men suck.
I do, however, admire their moxie.