Monday, July 18, 2005

4 Banner Day

I can't tell you why my posts are so unusual these last few weeks. First it was days of drivel that I paid some 16-year-old to write. Now, I can't stop talking about nothing. Unusual, to be sure, but go with me here...

That being said, it was a four-banner day:

1. Began a 45-minute fight/discussion (I prefer to think of it as a fight) in my weekly intern's meeting, which included me uttering such gems as: "from a social work perspective, I consider improperly researched social service or civic engagement arts programming completely unethical" and "I could give a shit about your funding, and I don't care how the organizations got along, I want to know how your actions are affecting individual's lives. How are they affecting me, my family, and my community?" -okay, I don't think I said shit, but it reads better-

2. Played the aforementioned 87 million game. 'Nuf said: I feel pretty. Oh yeah.

3. Kicked up my speed - now running a good distance at my goal speed for the summer! Calves a bit ouchy, but otherwise okay.

4. During laps, something clicked into place. My backstroke went from jerky and harsh to smooth, liquid and light. Like a ribbon twisting through the water, the stroke became effortless. It was as if I finally learned to swim. Everything's changed for me, and I never want to be out of the water again.

5,6,7&8: Talked to Kate, John, Dad, and Alexis while walking to and from the Georgetown Barnes and Noble. And, no, my HP06 has not arrived, and no, they did not have any on the shelves. I'm terrified that I'm going to accidently find out something from the book and may run screaming from anyone who hints anything.

And, Satadru, I'm not falling for it. Ginny's only gay in femslash...though who hasn't cuddled up to a little Narcissa/Ginny on a storm-tossed Autumn night?