Thursday, July 07, 2005

I don't understand the allure of a talking fish

Played the new Sopranos game from Stern yesterday. Meh. Perhaps if I had any idea what was going on, or had ever seen the Sopranos I would be more amused. However, it does not, and could not compare with the joy of playing a Fellowship of the Ring Multiball while wearing my ring of power (by the way, I feel my right flipper strength has increased since I was gifted it - yet feel a strange pull towards the East). There's a talking fish (known to Sopranos watchers, I suppose) with blue google-eyes who calls out instructions throughout the play. He speaks with such a horrible fake New York accent that one is hard-pressed to figure out what the hell he's saying. So, when an extra-ball appears, it's always a surprise (which is perhaps part of the fun).

And why, I ask, with all the unjustice and all the despair, with all the hopelessness and pain in the world, why do bar-owners add to it by intentionally setting the front legs too low? Everyone can see the level is way off, and the ball rockets down the chute like it's a magnet (and, um, drawn to something magnetic). This, in a nutshell, is exactly the type of inequity that drew me to social work in the first place. After all, don't we all deserve a level playing field?

So, I say again: join me in fighting the good fight, for equity, for opportunity!

And bring me quarters. Quarters and shims.