Friday, June 10, 2005

31 Things

31. My yahoo news account is set to ping me anytime a story involving giant squid comes up. Happens a lot recently.

30. I have a collection of mixers and aprons. Things that remind me not of femininity, but of domesticity.

29. Once I tried to teach a cat to waltz. It was a measured success.

28. One summer I watched the movie Auntie Mame twice a day, every day.

27. For a while, I strung along 4 to 5 prison pen pals.

26. I really prefer to swim naked.

25. I feel I should be able to control time better than I do now.

24. I believe I can control time a little bit already.

23. For a while, I hallucinated that I was hearing marching bands.

22. I once pickled 50 pounds of beets over four days.

21. I didn't go out drinking on my 21st birthday.

20. I fell for Alexis the minute I saw her from across the dining room at Smith.

19. When I was 19, I took a riverboat trip up the Rio Dulce in Guatemala. I convinced the boatman to swim with me, and I thought I was being totally non-sexual because I kept my underwear on.

18. I wet the bed until I was 18 years old.

17. I wore my hair as "mold" to my high school graduation. I painted it yellow-green, and pinned red beads on stalks (fruiting bodies) all over.

16. I crashed the first car my parents ever let me drive. For no good reason. I still get a sinking feeling when I think about it.

15. I played various versions of Ultima all through my childhood and adolescence. Until they stopped making it for Apple. My mom, sister and I though that the "gelatinous cube" was the scariest damn thing.

14. I spent a lot of my youth wandering around our hundred-acre woods, touching suspicious stumps and yelling into the air, demanding entry to the world I felt was just out of my reach - If only I could find the right door in/out.

13. I wore overalls exclusively for about four years of my life.

12. I was in a pretty yucky bike accident, where I was sorta unconscious for hours. I haven't felt safe on a bike since.

11. I never wore shoes in the summer, and I would leave greasy black footprints where ever I walked.

10. I love, love, love to dance the Hokey Pokey.

9. I used to get Poison Ivy on my face from kissing my dog's belly.

8. I'm the youngest in my family...and I am a typical, typical little sister. I have a very fluid understanding of "other people's things," and I believe that food always tastes better if it's off someone else's plate.

7. Sometimes I see things in slow motion.

6. I'm kind of a libertarian.

5. I was the only Jew in my school (except for my sisters) and my teachers would try to get me to do reports on Chanukah.

4. We had to dress up as someone famous in third grade - I dressed up as Harpo Marx, but I broke my bike horn before I even got to school. Excessive honking.

3. My greatest wish is that I lived closer to my family. Difficult, because my family members don't live close to each other.

2. I thought I'd have a kid by now.

1. Celebrating Shanukah has changed the way I feel about my life.