Sunday, May 22, 2005

On being the fattest runner in the room

I have the urge to post things on my butt, to piss people off...mainly because I have no breath left to yell insults.

Things like:

"No this is not my real ass, I run with butt weights."
"Think I run slow? Try a 5K with that co-ed riding your back."
"Ha-Ha, I'm getting a better workout than you are."

I'm almost the only one of me - a fat girl runner - that I've ever seen, an it gives me a bad attitude. Not that anyone has ever, ever said anything to me, or that they would even. But I feel the need to be proactively angry nonetheless.

I wish on some level, that when I ran I looked strong, capable and unflapable. The honest truth is that I don't - I look hot, red, pained, and desperate. Well, that's how I feel - Alexis says I do look strong, but it's probably just sweaty anger reading as strength.

Oh well, if it were easy and natural, it wouldn't be part of the hero's journey, right? It's the hard stuff, the hottest peppers, that pave the roughest road - dare I believe that path more worthwhile?

I think that I will finally name him, my hero. Of course, he's Bean...the name I use for every avatar, just so I can see words like: "Bean has slain the keeper of the fire bridge. Bean recieves 250 experience and 400 gold."

I need running shirts that say Bean, my hero name. Perhaps for Shanukah...