Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Three Feet of Ought Ten

This has been the most beautiful welcome back to the East coast. Three fluffy, beautiful feet of snow fell in about 24 hours - stopping the hustle, the bustle, and covering the city in the deepest fall since 1922. Alexis stayed downtown on Friday night to get to her shift, and was going to stay again in order to be there by 7am. But no, my doctor slogged through 3.5 miles of slush and ice and snow to get home to me - and did it all again this morning to be back at work by seven. The dogs and I went to meet her:

One thing to know about dogs - they will always take the easy they can be seen shuffling along in a pre-formed track. Earlier in our walk, we came upon strangers and the dogs fell quite happily between them, satisfied to let anybody clear the way.

Today the sky is bright blue and the sun in starting to melt the slush. In an hour I'll head downtown to see the carnage.