Monday, June 01, 2009

Orange you glad?

Three hours of sleep in as many days, but went to Pavel's to celebrate the re-opening of his studio.

While there, I tried a few songs on a little girl's Acmette.

Cute, but broken and the straps were so tiny! I'm hunched over because I can't wear it (so I hold it still with my chin while I play).

Me and Pavel, my snarky, rude, hysterical, ridiculous, amazing accordion teacher. Man, I just love this think, when I first saw his name I figured I'd be working with some 92-year-old Polish guy in a polyester suit from his glory days on the Polka circuit. Shows what I know!

I'm so freaked out about losing him that I'm upping my lessons to twice a week for the summer. I came to learn the accordion, but I stay for the well-crafted insults.

Sultry Bulgarian. Angry Jew.