Sunday, January 06, 2008

A tale of new kitties

We were feeling a mite lonely over here at Bean Gables. I mean, we never thought we'd lose one of our kitties, and our house used to feel appropriately supersaturated.

Animals used to regularly precipitate out of thin air...
*pick up a pillow - there's a kitty!
*look under the couch, there's a rabbit!
*put down your seltzer...someone's head is stuck in the glass!

After Stoat got hit, the house just felt so empty. Though I wouldn't dream of "replacing" her, which is totally impossible, I felt like there was room for one more being on the bed.

After finals, I went to the local humane society and promptly fell in love with a 7-month-old fuzzy black kitty. I had no intention of going home with such a young one, but, well, his whiskers are so long they meet under his own chin. I cannot resist extravagent whiskerage.

He also has actually delightful ear and toe feathers, which is utterly charming. We got a little male because we hoped that Beast and Grex might like him more, since Beast's one and only love was Sarah's ancient ginger bruiser, Butterscotch. Maybe in the future there'll be less hissing, but right now it's a veritable viper's pit.

He's such a good one, he's so fluffy and easy to dandle. He has delightful wide eyes that change from green to brown, and the longest, most twirlable mustachios you've ever seen.

Alexis called him Trout, which is a surprisingly good name for a kitten. I'm on the verge of renaming him though...I'm settling around The Lesser Land Squid McCool. because he's obviously a terrestrial cephalopod, and not a very big one either.