Monday, November 21, 2005

3.1 Tears

I ran the annual Ann Arbor Turkey Trot (for the second time) two Sundays ago...Alexis was post call, so I picked her up from the hospital and we drove to Hudson Mills Metro Park first thing in the morning. I do like to port my cheering section.

It was a lovely, lovely day for a tromp through the woods, and my time was almost 12 minutes less than the last time I ran it. Oddly enough, the winner of both the 5K and the 10K was a woman who was in my high school physics class - and I went to high school almost 400 miles away. It's like there's some weird astral port between white liberal college towns. Also, please note band-aid over my boo-boo finger. I cut myself badly while giving Alexis a trim (note: cuts with scissors are bad, bad cuts - I took a chunk the size of Cleveland (pre-industrial crash) out of my best typing finger). That's right - I ran *with an injury*. Go me.

We rounded out the early morning at Great Lakes - unfortunately, it was a bit too early for the squid cart, but delicious nonetheless. Again, the haircut is a bit shorter than usual, and with more bald spots...due to my blood-loss-induced ineptitude. Alexis notices the bald spots, but only mentions them to her co-workers, not to me, lest she get kicked off the "Free Haircut" gravy train. But perhaps this is not such a bad train from which to lose gravy privileges?

Pork mixed with shrimp makes the pain GO AWAY!