Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Following Atrus

South Haven has a sweet little pier jutting out from town and hovering in the middle of a choppy area of Lake Michigan. It was a windy, perfect day, with air so clear that all colors intensified. As we walked, we realized that both of us felt uneasy, like there was something we were supposed to be doing. We slowed and investigated, looking for anomalies, pattern changes, rusty tracks, and unfinished sequences. We pressed and pulled things, tried to rearrange objects, checked in the waves for unusual flow, and listened for the place where the wind whistles just right.

We were trying to play Myst. In life.

Etched into the concrete:

Of course, there was a tram...

A seemingly inaccessible door...

But how to get to it?

Alexis tried a cold-coffee application...

While I looked down the wall for hidden paths.

In the end, we left without solving it...the desperate cries of the D'ni still in our ears.