Friday, September 30, 2005


My lactose-related braggadocio is coming back to kick my ass.

Last night, Erin made two large pans of Paw-paw bread, one with chocolate chips, one without. I had a huge corner piece, with lots of chocolate, and rinsed it down with 1.5 glasses of the most delicious milk on the planet - Calder Dairy Unhomogenized Whole Milk (the top third tastes like the most perfect cream you've ever had). It's almost impossible to resist.

As I fell asleep, I knew something wasn't right, and when I awoke this morning, nothing had been resolved. My tummy is still full of the wonderment of it, as if my duodenum is saying: "You must be kidding...that is *not* getting past me. It's gotta go UP and OUT!"